Bird whisperer? Or bird brain?

The bird-whisperer -- Enjoying a lifetime hobby of attracting wild birds to the hand:

Hand-feeding wild piegeons,
about age 10

Hand-feeding wild Scrub Jay 1972

Hand-feeding wild Scrub Jay 1998

Hand-feeding Wild Birds in Hawaii 1990


Hand-feeding Wild Birds in Hawaii 1990 -- they came in through an open window!

Hand-feeding wild Scrub Jay 1999

There is a special satisfaction of knowing that a bird has come to you of its own free will, through voluntary attraction rather than the coercion of a cage and bars.

Even so, over the years, since early childhood, Doug has also occasionally enjoyed the company of pet birds as well:

With Parakeet (Budgerigar) Pixie, outdoors at Yellowstone National Park, July 1963
This bird's wings are not clipped;
he could fly at any time

Emerald (Budgerigar),
sitting on my shoulder, 1993

Emerald, 1994

Doug is currently a long-time member of the Audubon Society (two local chapters), and on the Board of Directors for Buena Vista Audubon of Oceanside, a 1500+ membership chapter. Doug has also led many bird watching (birding) field trips.

Bluebird Video (Free)
[Requires version 3 or higher of QuickTime plug-in for Mac or Windows -- can be downloaded free at:]

Video footage by Thelma Mantos Dunn
Click here or on picture to view or download a free (recently taken) 5-second video (288k) of the bluebird taking a peanut from my hand.
[Requires version 3 or higher of QuickTime plug-in for Mac or Windows -- can be downloaded free at:]

Video of Pet Parakeet in Yellowstone National Park (1963) age 13

Video of Pet Parakeet in Yellowstone, 1963 age 13:
This is me, back in 1963, at age 13, walking in Yellowstone National Park with my pet parakeet "Pixie" on my shoulder. I particularly like this short clip because it combines two important dimensions of my life: love of birds American and Sign Language, and shows that they both go way back to my childhood! This bird's wings are NOT CLIPPED, and he could fly away at any time, but never does. This is from an old 16mm home movie, back before home movies were digital or even included sound, so I narrate the scene in ASL. [For more videos of American Sign Language click here.]

Doug's comittment to the environment is reflected in having installed SOLAR ELECTRIC PANELS at his residence that produce more electricity than what is used, with the excess sent back into the electric grid to help the community become less dependent on buying filthy fossil fuels from terrorists and dictators. Doug is currently actively investigating options for replacing his Toyota Prius Hybrid with either a plug-in hybrid or a car that is either fully- or primarily electric powered with range extension from a source not requiring the use of gasoline. (Click here to see a YouTube video demonstrating the photovoltaic solar electric panel's on Doug's house.) Powered by sunshine! Here comes the Sun! Let the sun shine in!

New birding tool available: I have discovered, bought and downloaded some excellent - amazing, really - new tools to enhance my birding experience! As the happy owner of the Apple iPhone, I was pleased to learn that a complete field guide was available for downloading from iTunes to my iPhone!
It was iBird Plus for the iPhone, which I downloaded last December (and subsequently received TWO FREE UPGRADES!)
More recently, a more advanced edition has been released, iBird PRO for the iPhone. I have since downloaded and installed iBird PRO and it is amazing.
In addition to numerous pictures, maps and information for each bird, there are excellent search features to identify birds within seconds, and one of my favorite features in the actual bird sounds! No more trying to explain a sound to a novice birder, or looking at a description in the field guide text trying to figure out what fzreeep really sounds like!
By the way, I have no connection to the developer (Mitch Waite Group) other than being a very satisfied customer.
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