What they're saying about Extro-Dynamics:

"Continue to use to the fullest your beautiful gift of writing and you will be spreading the fragrance of His Love and His Peace all around you and wherever your book is read."
Mother Teresa
Nobel Laureate - 1979 Peace Prize, Calcutta, India
From a letter to the author dated October 5, 1991

"Not since Norman Vincent Peale's landmark book, The Power of Positive Thinking, has an author more clearly and simply outlined the practical pathway to balanced living. Please listen to Doug Dunn. He is a powerful voice of reason in a world desperately in need of principled thinking."
Bob Basso, Ph.D.
Motivational Speaker and author of numerous books on business management and
personal development, Los Angeles, California

"So many of us today feel fearful, powerless and confused by the tremendous challenges that confront us from our out-of-control society. Doug Dunn gives us a roadmap through this minefield. There is more than one path that can lead us to happiness and fulfillment, but they all share common basic principles. Some of these key principles are to be found in Doug's 'amazing four-step secret for having it all.' "
Harold Kutler
Executive Director - Brother Benno Foundation, Oceanside, California
(Soup kitchen/homeless shelter)

"After 22 years of consciously working on myself to be non-judgmental and to love others unconditionally, I think Extro · Dynamics has given me the tools and the steps to get closer to my goal."
Dixie Bales
Volunteer Coordinator - Brother Benno Foundation, Oceanside, California
(Soup kitchen/homeless shelter)

"A carefully-constructed, well-organized plan for self, community and world improvement. Based on the interplay of self and society a sense of balance. A move away from the human potential over-preoccupation with self, yet dealing with human potential as a way of contributing to the general good. A way of being part of the solution rather than part of the problem. This is a hopeful book."
Rev. Carol Hilton
Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Vista, California

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