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I Never Wanted to Set the World on Fire... But Now That I'm 50, Maybe It's a Good Idea
by Bob Basso, Ph.D.

Don't be fooled into thinking life is a mystical search for meaning. Life is only one instant of consciousness. If you use it wisely, it's enough.

Paradise is not a place. It's an idea.

Fifty is learning you've been flying without a parachute all along.

Humor, Inspirational

People magazine called Bob Basso "America's number one fun-motivator" and this true story of his mid-life crisis could very well be the battle cry of the baby boomer generation!

Set in a beautiful Hawaiian tropical paradise, Dr. Bob takes up residence in a Molokai treehouse and leads the reader on a wild, often absurd roller coaster ride through and around death, folly, midnight nudity, face to face encounters with ancient Hawaiian ghosts and the shock of accepting one's own mortality.

"This is the funniest and most instructional book I've ever read about facing growing old ... great food for the soul of anyone in the vicinity of fifty." -- Eddie Sherman, Honolulu Advertiser

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