What they're saying about Dazhan:

In the United States:

Reading Dazhan is a delight. The story is so engrossing you don't even realize
how much you've learned until you're through. This is self-improvement in a very
tasty form.
Steve Snyder
President and co-founder, Live & Learn

I find the book, lectures and warmth of Dazhan to be highly stimulating and a determining
factor in furthering students' invovlement in compassionate behavior, e.g., working in special
projects with the homeless, recovering alcoholics, senior citizens, and so on.
Gerald L. Hershey, Ph.D.
Chairperson, Psychology Department, Fullerton College

Want to learn an easy way to enjoy the people in your life? Even strangers? Even "difficult" people? ... Dazhan is a coined word for "compassionate joy." It is also the process which leads to experiencing appreciation and pleasure in sharing life with the other humans around us. ... The simple Steps in the Practice of Dazhan were easy to apply. And they do work! They are clearly explained and a variety of examples are given. ... The result? A turning point....
The whole package: introduction, adventure, summary, commentary and the examples -- all were
what I needed ... I usually consume growth and self-help books like so many bowls of popcorn ...
[but] this book has been valuable to me. If you want more joy, empathy and compassion in your life, I recommend you read it and try it!
Jean Mountaingrove
Book review, "Friends Review" Sept. 1990

Two very intriguing books in one ... the fiction shows, the non-fiction explains. A trustworthy blending of two different forms of definition ... The detailed ficitional examination is in the best tradition of superbly crafted utopias. The equally detailed nonfictional side is simple and profound and very clear ... It works.
The Book Reader
Book Review, March-April, 1990

We must change people's outlooks before we can change the world. Your "pleasurable"
approach to compassion makes it all the more possible.
Leo F. Buscaglia, Ph.D.
Instructor at USC (retired)
author of Love, Personhood, Loving Each Other and other books/articles/tapes
about living compassionately [from a letter to the author dated Sept. 21, 1989]

You may enjoy this interesting book on two levels: First, it is an entertaining story ... on an entirely different level, this book offers a new way of looking at our world and relationships with people ... with practical suggestions for self-improvement.
Arizona Networking News
Book Review, Winter 1989-1990

In the Philippines

...It is not far-fetched that I would rank Dazhan next only to the Bible in reviving Man's dying hopes and beliefs.
...Dazhan is a loud, un-abashed, eloquent protest against the materialism, violence, terror, perversions of a technological society - a world of things, not of people.
The author's sensitive eye and penetrating mind and soul have perceived the external world as
a creation of high technology which sadly neglects the full and balanced development of Man.
...Dazhan is both a symbol and a literary monument to a subject on morality without moralizing.
Books in the genre of Dazhan seldom appear in our literary scene.
Dazhan is must reading for people buried in the mire of high technology and materialistic philosophy.
Benjamin M. Montejo
Book review published in The Freeman, Cebu City, Philippines, 12-31-88

Dazhan can be considered as a modern-day classic, simply presented in a fantasy/adventure story
but conveying a powerful message that attaining full happiness can be possible by being compassionate about others...
Dazhan is more than a story, it is a technique for how to overcome our conflicts and frustrations ... It truly is a marvelous book!
Elizabeth Y. Blardony
Guidance Counselor, University of San Carlos, Cebu City (released on behalf of University -- letter dated 1-11-89)

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