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-- Assistance with "Print on Demand" and super-short run editions (as few as one copy, printed and shipped for individual orders) -- let someone else print, package and ship your orders directly to buyers, and just send you the checks!

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Douglas Dunn
226 pages paperback (e-book formats also available)
Including index and bibliography
Available through and Barnes and Noble and Applie iTunes
(in both paperback and e-book formats)

The empowerment of practical compassion in action!
The same compassionate, non-violent power with which Gandhi brought down the British Empire, Martin Luther King ended legally-mandated racial discrimination, and the Charleston church massacre survivors brought down a flag.

Make desires and values work with each other, not against each other!

Enhance success in Health, Wealth and Romance based on compassionate ethical standards

Find real solutions to social and economic problems

Enjoy cheerful, compassionate feelings of goodwill towards others - without getting taken advantage of

  Dazhan: Secrets of the Cave People
Douglas Dunn
238 pages paperback (e-book formats also available)
Available through and Barnes and Noble and Applie iTunes
(in both paperback and e-book formats)

From mystery-shrouded caverns deep within the Earth emerges this fantasy encounter between two divergent civilizations: one is rich in technological wonders but plagued by violent terror and social injustice; the other is industrially primitive, but thrives in an advanced, harmonious social order. When the cave people of Enrisa come face to face with the Outside world, both cultures must confront strange new wonders.
Dazhan uses this parable, set in a beautiful fantasy land of fluorescent rainbow caverns, gnarled cave-trees and subterreanean ponds and waterflows to illustrate the personal and social applications of the principles of Extro-Dynamics, with entertaining models and
examples of how it works.



Betrayal of Jesus
Davis D. Danizier
182 pages paperback (e-book formats also available)
Available through and Barnes and Noble and Applie iTunes
(in both paperback and e-book formats)

Bible Study like they never taught you in Sunday School!
  • How did the renegade "apostle" Paul betray Jesus and create a modern Christianity that is the polar opposite of what Jesus taught?
  • Hundreds of direct Bible contradictions
  • Does the Bible Command RAPE by soldiers as spoils of war? Permit premarital sex?
  • Is "Traditional Marriage" in the Bible really "one man and one woman" -- or one man and multiple women, in arranged marriages, who are of the same ethnicity and over whom he has "dominion" as with his livestock or other chattel property?
  • An inside look at Catholic and Mormon rituals, history and special problems


Who Gets to Choose?
by T. F. Barans
134 pages paperback (e-book formats coming soon)
Available through and Barnes and Noble

Moral, legal and religious arguments supporting the right of a woman to make her own reproductive choices about her own body.
  • Moral issues: human life does not begin at "conception" since both the human egg and human sperm were alive and of the human species (ergo: human life) before fertilization. Differentiates between being a human life and a human person, which requires something more than merely being alive, or we would have to conclude that menstruation is murder and masturbation is genocide.
  • Legal issues: the decision in Roe v Wade (7-2, not even close) was written by a Republican appointee of Richard Nixon based on the intent of the Founders. Abortion was legal in all thirteen original states for almost 50 years after the Declaration. Examines the legal arguments in well-documented depth.
  • Religious issues: the Bible is 100% pro-choice. Examines the religious issues and the fallacies of how religious conservatives try to claim the Bible says the exact opposite of what the Bible actually says, with chapter-and-verse references.
  • Additional issues: turns the tables on typical conservative myths about late-term abortion (very rare) parental notification and consent, abortion in cases of rape/incest, Planned Parenthood and much more.


Serendipitous Rescue
by Lowell Dunn

433 pages paperback Available through and Barnes and Noble

A multi-generational saga that spans the twentieth century.

It was a time before computers, cell phones, DVD's or color television. Children played outside, and doctors made house calls. World War II had recently ended, and people were optimistic.

A boy and a dog begin an adventure in 1951 lasting 19 years, producing romance and a successful business with sequences of accidental heroism paid forward along the way. These are the chronicles of Miss Nancy, JJ and Laddie, and others who struggled through the Great Depression and World War II -- a series of stories dealing with wealth, tragedy, poverty and romance.

The backdrop of actual historical events portrayed here, along with historical figures of the era, is meant to be true and accurate. The characters in these stories themselves are fictional.

Please also note that many of the above titles may also be found on (and ordered from) other online resources for buying books such as, Barnes & or many other outlets.

Essays online from selected authors:

Douglas Dunn (on compassionate socioeconomic issues and public policy perspectives):
--Click here for index of free downloadable articles from Douglas Dunn.

Davis D. Danizier -- articles available on Christian theology, mythology and scripture:
-- Bible worship: Bibleolatry.
-- Paul contradicts Jesus: Paul vs. Jesus.
-- Christian human sacrifice mythology: Human Sacrifice Atonement.
-- Christianity and contemporary issues: Contemporary Issues.
-- Unique problems of Catholicism: Catholicism.
-- Unique problems of Mormnism: Mormonism.
-- Is there a God? Is there a god?.

T.F. Barans -- articles available on various aspects of women's reproductive rights:
-- Legal issues and history: Legal Issues.
-- Moral issues: Human Life vs. Human Personhood: Moral Issues of life and personhood.
-- Judeo-Christian views on reproductive rights: Religious views on abortion.
-- Additional issues on reproductive rights: Additional issues on abortion.

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