Douglas Dunn has long been active with leadership roles in civic, community and charitable organziations, but claims that his greatest achievement was raising his daughter JoAnn Dunn (born in 1974) as a single parent from infancy to adulthood. He married the former Thelma Mantos in 1987, when JoAnn was a teenager. Doug was born in Los Angeles, California, accompanied at birth by identical twin brother Dennis (yes, folks, there's two of 'em).

Doug is the author of two books and numerous articles published in magazines, newspapers and other publications.

  Books by Douglas Dunn
  • Dazhan was first published in 1981, with a second edition (revised and expanded) published in 1988. A third edition is now being prepared, but is currently only available as an online download, though the 1988 edition can still be ordered through bookstores or directly from the publisher. Dazhan uses a fictional model set in a beautiful fantasy setting to demonstrate how to put into practice a lifestyle in which practical values work to enhance goals and values instead of working against them.
  • Extro-Dynamics was written to complement the lectures that resulted from Dazhan, in which it became clear that, in addition to the popular fantasy/fiction model in Dazhan, a deeper level of non-fictional presentation, with additional examples and explanation, was needed. Extro-Dynamics shows how to achieve ethical happiness, and make it work with, not against, goals and desires for success in financial secuirty, romantic love and a long and healthy life.

In the spirit of Dazhan and Extro-Dynamics, which emphasize action, Doug has numerous civic and community activities to address issues of civil rights, women's rights, poverty and homelessness, education issues and domestic abuse. In particular, because he is fluent in both American Sign Language (used by Deaf people) and Spanish, he is partcularly active in communications services and other issues affecting those populations. For those with ".pdf" plug-ins or viewers, ".pdf" versions of sample chapters for both Dazhan-pdf and Extro-Dynamics-pdf are available for preview.

In addition to ordering online from this website, books written by Douglas Dunn may also be ordered online through Barnes and Noble, and/or available through other retail bookstores (if not in stock may be "special ordered").

Doug has lectured at college campuses, public workshops and community groups, and has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows in the United States and overseas.

  Selected commentaries, adapted for the Internet from published articles (available as Free Downloads by clicking on the titles):

Public Policy:

  • Role of Government. (Foundations for public policy) Outline of the nature of Jeffersonian-style limited government in the context of a modern, high-tech industrialized global economic democracy that differs greatly from the rural, agrarian, sparsely-populated low-tech society of our third president.
  • Economic Justice & Fairness. (Economics) While public policy should not compel individual moral beliefs or practices, and economic policy should not be used to enforce personal ethics, such policy perhaps should at least be consistent with values such as compassion which, like the justifications for public policy themselves, are based on the manner in which we interact with others.
  • Justice for All. (Judicial fairness and court reform) Do Americans today really have equal access to their judicial system? Is there justice for all in our nation? Is there a two-tiered system of justice in our country? Are Constitutional safeguards being adhered to? Problems are identified and possible solutions are considered.
  • Flat Tax Fiasco. (Taxation) An examination of the failure of flat-tax proposals and the flawed assumptions they are based on, as the few wealthiest Americans seek a mechanism for bleeding the middle-class that would support them with higher taxes while those who have enjoyed the most success in our regulated free market system would reap huge tax savings windfalls.
  • Electoral Larceny 2000. Al Gore won the popular vote and, if all the ballots cast are properly counted, the electoral vote as well. However, on January 20 he will not be sworn to the office of President that he won, as Dubya Bush will usurp that role in the greatest case of electoral larceny in this nation's history.
  • Invasion of Iraq. George Dubya Bush wants to do what no other American president has ever done before: invade another nation without any direct provocation. He claims Iraq presents a specific and credible threat to our national security, but there is no evidence of this. On the contrary, all the evidence is that Iraq has no hostile intentions against the U.S. and that Bush has other reasons for this desired invasion.

Social Order:

  • Sex and Violence. The subjects of SEX and VIOLENCE are too often linked in the same breath. However one (sex) is beautiful and natural and something that everyone expects to grow up and experience as adults, while the other (violence) is NOT natural or beautiful and something we hope no one will ever have to experience. So guess which one is the one that gets censored and which some want to put restrictions on?
  • Drug Minimization. Criminalization of substance abuse has proven an abject failure. But the products that cause the most suffering and deaths -- tobacco and alcohol -- are those that are legal, so legalization hasn't been much of a success, either. The solution is a true middle-ground solution of DECRIMINALIZATION, not as a euphemism for legalization, but as the balance between the extremes.
  • Immigration and Border Control. Many Americans are concerned with the high rate of both legal and illegal immigration, but seem powerless to address the issue. This commentary provides specific solutions for resolving immigration issues by addressing the underlying economic causes rather than merely reacting to symptoms.
  • Is MEChA Racist? During the recent California gubernatorial recall campaign, questions about candidate and Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante and his affiliation with MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) raised challenges as to whether that organization is racist or not. This article addresses those issues head on.
  • Debunking the Elian mythology. There are a number of common myths floating around about young Elian Gonzalez that need to be debunked.

Nature, Science and Health:

  • Bluebirds are Free. Lessons taught by a scrub jay about equality, dignity, freedom and respect in relationships, and the differences between individual personal privacy and community social interaction.
  • Waxwings are Wild. Cedar waxwings are beautiful birds of mystery -- masked bandits raiding fruit from forests and orchards -- with mystery of unpredictable migration and fascinating rituals of social interaction. They are also wild creatures that need to be free.
  • Bird Whisperer or Bird Brain? Doug's life time love affair with birds is chronicled with picturers of interactions with both wild and domesticated birds, from childhood through adulthood.
    Doug's comittment to environmental protection is reflected in his installing SOLAR ELECTRIC PANELS at his house that produce more electricity than what is used, with the excess sent back into the electric grid to help the community become less dependent on buying filthy fossil fuels from terrorists and dictators. Doug is currently actively investigating options for replacing his Toyota Prius Hybrid with either a plug-in hybrid or a car that is either fully- or primarily electric powered with range extension from a source not requiring the use of gasoline. (Click here to see a YouTube video demonstrating the photovoltaic solar electric panel's on Doug's house.) Powered by sunshine! Here comes the Sun! Let the sun shine in!
  • Cloning. So many people express, as their first reaction to the idea of cloning, revulsion and disgust at the idea of having genetic doubles. Yet almost everyone finds the idea of identical twins (nature's own genetic doubles) to be fascinating and attractive.

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